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Best Practices: Repository Resets

SSL Certificate Renewal for Project Hosting on Google Code

Develop with Git on a Google Code Project

Export a Git Project to Google Code

Yes.  We just announced this at the Google I/O conference this week,
and were planning to blog about it next week.   They're very 'beta',
but they work.


For the svn feed, you can also add '?directory=/path' to the end, to
restrict the subset of history.  For example, '?directory=/trunk'.

Another caveat:  these are gdata feeds that don't have infinite
history in them -- they only show *recent* changes, starting around
May 22nd.   They're meant to be 'update' feeds, rather than 'mine the
history' feeds.  Add them to your feed aggregator, or your iGoogle
homepage, or whatever.. you'll get nice news updates about projects
you care about.