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posted Jul 13, 2008, 6:16 PM by zwetan kjukov   [ updated Jul 13, 2008, 6:44 PM ]
My recent experience with just proved me how much I was right to go with GAFYD.

One of the main functionality of my old website was to list my
open source projects, but also to provide info for each projects,
here an example with ASTUce.

Ok, I admit it was kind of shitty and I had to manage every project pages
by hand, but remember also that at that time I did not have a wiki with google code hosting,
so it was better than nothing.

Now, few years later, now that I host all my open source projects on
google code hosting, here come Ohloh, and I can not even start to say
how much I love them :).

Basically Ohloh work like a social network but targeted at open source
developers and open source projects, and one of their best features
is to provide google gadgets from your open source project stats,
and you can directly use that in google sites.

Also a little precision, my goal is to spend as much time as possible
on writing code, I have no interest at all of doing the admin or editing web pages,
but I have to do some admin and editing so people can know what's going on
with the different projects I'm working on.

Ohloh google gadgets allow me to put directly the stats and activities of my
open source project in some google sites pages, it take few minutes to set up
and when it's done you don't have to think of it every day it just works,
here the result with maashaack.

So let's go into the details of this page.

First I registered my project on Ohloh, their robot scaned/parsed
my source code from the subversion repository and generated stats;
number of line of codes, comments, number of contributors, etc.

Then I put their google gadgets on my google sites page

The only thing I edited by hand is the description of the project, and few links.

And while I was doing it, I also took the occasion to add a google calendar
and 2 feeds list, last svn commits and last issues, all that done again
with google gadgets.
(yes you can have feeds from google code hosting)

It's not perfect, I see few thing missing, but mind that this page has been setup
in few minutes, it saved me a lot of time, and the result is totally dynamic,
and as you can see I did only one project page and will add the other
projects later (always this problem of time).

On top of that I even put a dynamic form for people wishing to contribute,
thanks again google spreadsheet from as a google gadget.

I will try to document more (again) how I organize and structure my contents
with all those beautifull tools :).