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using Google Apps For Your Domain

posted May 10, 2008, 1:01 PM by zwetan kjukov   [ updated Jul 13, 2008, 6:42 PM ]
or GAFYD, or even shorter GA (nope GA is for Google Analytics :p), to organize different personal and open source project infos.

So a little bit of history for the domain

few years ago I put a very quick and dirty hack using bloxsom
to have 2 things: a basic blog and a list of open source projects
that was the visible (shitty) part of the server

the invisible part was multiple Trac and Subversion repositories
some for open source projects and some for private/commercial projects (as freelance)

then my web hosting company ( decided to move my server space to another spot
and then they fucked everything, I tried to talk to them (email, phone, etc.)
no answer at all

lucky me I made backup of what was important to me (trac hotcopy and svn dump)
and then decided to go on myself and have my own dedicated server (thanks kimsufi)

in the mean time google came with
Google Code Project Hosting which is perfect (for me and few others) to host my open source projects
and I decided to move to bloggers, for the few posts I made, that was good enought

the buRRRn server mostly was online for private Trac and SVN
and I just didn't put back some content because I got sick, changed job, changed country,
and was lazy :p

but ultimately why someone like me who can configure a server on the command line trough SSH
and can write HTML/JS with nothing else than notepad (or pico) would use GA ?

Because it's there, it's free and yes I don't like to reinvent the wheel
when something already there can work for me, but most of all
it saves me an awfull amount of time.

I'll try to relate here few of my experiences and experiments.